An Innovative New Zealand R & D Company

Axis Associates Limited, which operates from modern laboratories at Richmond near Nelson in the upper South Island of New Zealand, was formed in 2000 by three industry specialists to provide a range of formulation development, process development, technical and other services to the crop protection industries.

The core business of Axis is the development of novel products and processes for agriculture and horticulture and its founders have extensive practical experience in the areas of formulation development, process development, product marketing, Intellectual Property development and protection. Although essentially a Research and Development company providing contractual services Axis is placing greater emphasis on internal IP development as well as joint venture, manufacturing and technology licensing arrangements.

Axis has modern laboratories at its Richmond site with both general and biological products sections which are supported by engineering design, pilot plant and commercial manufacturing facilities. Areas of expertise include the development and manufacture of microbiological inoculants, biological control products, specialty fertilizer granules, trace element granules, coated seed products, vertebrate and invertebrate pest baits as well as various pesticide formulation types especially water dispersible granules (WG).

The Directors of Axis, through their past and present associations, have made a major contribution to the establishment and growth of the seed coating and crop protection industries of New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere. They have also been responsible the successful development of more than 15 registered WG formulations for different companies and manufacturing processes that have been the subject of many successful patent applications world wide.

Axis continues to invest in its own R & D and has developed 'Grantrol' an improved process for manufacturing water dispersible granules and other granular formulations that offers many benefits. When coupled with appropriate formulation technology the process is able to convert a diverse range of materials to high quality water dispersible granules. It is suitable for small or large scale manufacturing operations and offers existing manufacturers an opportunity to substantially upgrade their process by simply replacing an inefficient or less effective existing granulator.

Axis works in close cooperation with local and overseas companies developing project programmes on a range of matters including formulation development, manufacturing and technology transfer. The company adopts a flexible approach toward new initiatives and works in close partnership with its clients to develop unique, effective and timely solutions.

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