Axis 'Grantrol' Technology

The Directors of Axis have been closely involved in the development of more than 50 commercially successful granular products for various companies in New Zealand and elsewhere and the Axis 'Grantrol' process is the culmination of many years practical experience. It has been designed to apply to water dispersible and other types of granular formulations as well as provide a high level of safety and performance. The 'Grantrol' process overcomes many of the constraints associated with pan and other conventional granulation methods.


A continuously fed granulator is used to convert an intimate water wet mixture of technical grade active ingredient, surfactants or other ingredients where applicable into granules of very consistent size and density during a single pass.

Low energy granulation and sizing is critical to the success of the process. However the successful production of high quality water dispersible granules is also very dependent upon the development of appropriate formulae, an area in which Axis has considerable expertise.


The Axis 'Grantrol' process for manufacturing water dispersible and other types of granules is suitable for use in both batch or continuous systems and can be readily adapted for small or very large scale operations. It can also be readily installed in existing water dispersible granulation plants where it is desired to upgrade manufacturing technology, reduce costs and improve product quality.

Axis can provide full formulation development and plant design support services for its 'Grantrol' technology which is now being used successfully under license in New Zealand for the granulation of gypsum, limestone, dolomite, biological preparations, specialty fertilizers, trace elements and other materials.