Accessing Our Services

Research and Development Contracts:

These are generally discussed under the terms of a Confidential Disclosure Agreement between Axis and its client. The requirements of the client are then carefully assessed by Axis and a Development Proposal submitted to the client for consideration. Depending on the nature of the proposed project a fee may be charged for preparing the proposal. The proposal sets out the key stages of the project, terms relating to the execution of same as well as an estimate of the time and cost to complete each stage. Progress reports are issued by Axis at the completion of each stage and the client has the option of proceeding, modifying the plan or not continuing.

Routine or 'One Off' Technical Services:

Axis will provide a quote for a specific service or negotiate terms applicable to routine testing and other services.

Joint Venture or Similar Arrangement:

Axis is willing to explore opportunities for joint ventures in technology development, manufacturing or ongoing project/process involving Axis Intellectual Property.

Sale or Licensing of Technology:

Axis generated Intellectual Property including production technology, formulae can be used by clients under negotiated terms.